We are looking for a new owner!

As some of you might have noticed myself and Jonah have increasingly posted less and less as of late.  Due to other work commitments we feel as if we can't run and grow The Film Camera Co to what it could be. Subsequently, we have taken the hard decision to bring in a new majority stakeholder to take over the company. We have poured a lot of love and time into building this community and really don't want it to just to be for nothing. We really want it to go into the hands of someone who will love it, as I am sure for someone out there this is their dream job. That is why we are offering a majority share in the company for FREE

What will the success applicant get?

  • A 70% share in the THE FILM CAMERA CO. LTD.
  • Any stock currently within the company including over £3000 in film.
  • £10,000 in cameras to provide the starting capital to start selling
  • Access to lighting/backdrops to take product photos
  • Full access to our social channels with a combined following of over 25K
  • Access to a website that is already created (www.TheFilmCamera.co.uk)
  • Access to business consultancy sessions with Alex to help with any element of the business you are worried about.
  • Access to future funding to grow if you have a project in mind 

Who are we looking for in an applicant?


  • UK National (due to UK company incorporation)
  • Passion and knowledge for film photography
  • Able to commit to the company full time for an minimum of two years
  • A creative individual who can dream big

 Preferable (but not essential)

  • Experience working in a film lab (highly desirable)
  • Experience working in a business environment
  • Experience fixing/restoring cameras
  • Experience using Shopify
  • Experience using Canva and Lightroom

Will I get a salary?

As you will be a company director, for the first 3-6 months there will be no salary. But remember that any money you are making you own 70% of. When the company is starting to make profit then a salary can be negotiated. If this is a huge issue for you please let us know on your application as we can be somewhat flexible for the right individual.

Can I apply with a friend? 

If there is someone that you know who you think  you would love to work with then feel free to apply with them. This would mean only owning 35% of the company each. However, it would probably mean growing at a faster rate/not being alone (which is important). I would recommend having a good think about this. Both applicants need to apply individually. There will be a space on the application where you can enter the name of another individual who you are interested in working with. 

What will day to day work look like? 

There are numerous tasks that you are expected to do as a company director:

  • Create social content
  • Respond to message requests
  • Take product photos
  • Manage inventory on the online store
  • Package and ship orders
  • Converse with film suppliers about buying film
  • Buy cameras
  • Continue to innovate and think of new ideas
  • Stay on top of company finance (don't worry if this scares you, Alex can be there to advise)

Where do I need to live?

You need to live anywhere in the UK

For the first 3-6 months you will be running the company from your home. This means that you need somewhere to safely store inventory and space to take product photos. After this period we can look at moving the company into its own space. On the application you will be asked to justify why you think your area would be appropriate for a small film company (just a heads up).

What is happening to the remaining 30%?

The remaining 30% of the company will be owned by Alex (the current director of The Film Camera Co). Alex will function as a passive investor in the company providing 2-4 hours of consultation a week when needed. An agreement will be reached as to how Alex can best draw money from the company to get a return on investment. In this regard a shareholders agreement will be created. This shareholders agreement will provide Alex with some basic control in order to protect his investment and to protect you the new shareholder. 

How can I apply?

Please email your CV and a cover letter with responses to the following questions to: info@thefilmcamera.co.uk

  1. What is your favourite film camera and why? 
  2. Who is your all time favourite photographer and why? 
  3. If you became owner of The Film Camera Co what would your vision for the company be? 
  4. What would you do to expand the company? 
  5. Why do you feel you are the right person for this role?

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via instagram or info@thefilmcamera.co.uk

  • 09/11/2021 - Applications Close
  • 11/11/2021 - Shortlist for consideration created
  • 12/11/2021 - online interviews start (date flexible)
  • TBA - Second stage in person interviews
  • TBA - Successful candidate agrees to shareholder agreement
  • TBA - Offer accepted and the fun begins :)